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Heather I. Melcer,
                                              Certified Feng Shui
                                              Consultant Photo of Heather

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Virtual Feng Shui Consultations

Welcome to the home of Harmony In MotionSM, Feng Shui consultations. I have created this divine space to provide you with the basics to get the truly wonderful gift of Feng Shui energy flowing easily into your environment and life.

My personal journey into Feng Shui has been a colorful and delightful adventure which continues to guide me on my own path towards balance and fulfillment in my life. I cherish the direction and experiences that G-d has provided me with that contribute to my many purposes here in life to assist others.

Originally from NJ, I have had the chance to live and absorb the energy of New York City, London, Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago.  My diverse background began with a BA in Communications, work experience in publishing, marketing, graphic design, writing, an MFA in Motion Picture Production, and personal metaphysical studies into both our outer and inner worlds. It is the blend of these unique gifts that together allow me to be the artist I am and creatively assist people in bringing true harmony and success into their lives. My intuitive, practical, down-to-earth approach integrates this ancient art form into our modern world today. It is my sincerest goal to be of service to others and it is I who truly feels blessed each and every time I am able to do so.

I offer on-site consultations in the Central Coast area of California as well as other destinations by special request. Trained and certified through the Integrative School of Feng Shui in San Diego, California (Fall 2001), my methods primarily include that of Form School, Black Hat and Eight Mansions.

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