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What is Feng Shui?
Feng Shui literally translated means "wind and water," and is the ebb and flow of the energy in the environment in which we live. An ancient and sacred Chinese art that has been practiced for thousands of years, it is both a systematic and intuitive approach that studies the correlation between our spiritual, psychological being and the physical space in which we live and work. Our homes are a mirror reflection of who we are and what is going on in our lives. By adjusting, activating and enhancing the flow of energy in our home, Feng Shui allows us to achieve peace, harmony and balance in our lives - which then translates to the ability to achieve prosperity, enjoy stronger relationships, and improve creativity, career, health and much more. Incorporating Feng Shui into your environment gives you the advantage to get to where you need to go in life, all while breathing a little bit easier.


(UPDATE as of 7/23 - I am currently on hiatus from in-person consultations and do limited virtual consultations at the current time. Look for more online resources to come in the near future)

I am available for on-site residential and commercial consultations to help you fully incorporate solid Feng Shui principles into your environment.

Location: Central Coast, California
Most consults are now Virtual - please visit here

Primary Methods: Black Hat, Form School and Eight Mansions

There can be any number of reasons to bring in a professional to assist you in viewing your space with Feng Shui eyes. Things such as:

  • There are areas in your life where you're feeling "stuck".
  • You are trying to achieve specific goals or strengthen an area in your life.
  • You are in the midst of a life changing event. (i.e. starting a new business, job or new level in your career, a new relationship, or simply starting over)
  • Things aren't moving as quickly as you would like in some aspect of your life.
  • You want your house to feel more like a "home".
  • Before you start to redecorate/remodel.
  • You are looking to move to the next level of your spritual evolution.
  • Things are already great and you want to ensure that it stays that way!

    Some of the benefits of a consultation are:

  • You feel less stress and a sense of peace.
  • Goals are easily achieved.
  • You experience increased energy.
  • Things start moving along effortlessly in your life.
  • Family harmony is strengthened.
  • Opportunities begin to open up in many areas of your life.
  • You experience everyday joy in the look and feel of your home.
  • You have a sense of feeling lighter in your space.

    My consultation process is thorough, down-to-earth, easy to understand and organized; it is not just a cursory overview. I first begin with a brief survey that I simply e-mail (or fax) you prior to our appointment time which allows me to begin tapping into the energy flow of your environment. When I arrive the day of the appointment, I will ask some additional questions and we will discuss the major factors currently influencing your life. I will assess the structure and location of your home, the balance of "wind and water" energy flow through your space, the colors and the balance of elements, and the floorplan as it relates to what we call the bagua in Feng Shui (the schematic tool used to determine where specific areas of your life fall within your home such as Wealth, Relationships, Career, Family, etc.).

    Then, walking with you through the house, room by room, inch by inch, I give you a form to take notes on, and I will go over everything and tell you what modifications can be made to unblock and enhance the energy in each part of the home to bring balance and success to each part of your life. We will discuss everything in-depth, from proper bed placement and positioning of furniture, to color schemes that should or should not be used in certain areas of the home, to how well the yin and yang are being balanced in your space and everything in-between. I work with you to create practical solutions that work within the physical structure of your specific space.

    My consultations are done in a teaching style so that you understand why you are needing to make certain changes. I leave you with a folder of information, a map of your home and I make myself available via e-mail or phone for brief questions as you begin making changes and experiencing shifts in your environment and life.

    Everyone and anyone! Feng Shui works with any decorative style and utilizes many elements in your own home that you already own. My clients and the types of spaces I have consulted them about are enjoyably, from small one-room studios to multi-bedroom homes, offices, retail stores, banks and classrooms. The application of Feng Shui is limitless.

    Consultations are charged at an hourly rate.
    For detailed prices, distance consult rates, additional payment options, other spaces or considerations, please e-mail me and tell me about the size of your space.

    Consultations usually take a minimum of two hours (or more depending on the size of the environment). Checks and credit cards online are accepted.

    Appointments for consultations are available both during the week and on weekends, usually with a late morning or early afternoon start time. Depending on your availability and mine, appointments can usually be scheduled within a few days or a few weeks. Please contact me letting me know your preference for dates and any other questions regarding time. Appointments should be scheduled when you are free from distractions and have an easy flow to your day.

    All consults are currently Virtual by Zoom/Skype.

    Just a little note. There are many methods or schools of Feng Shui and each one is respected in its own way. Many people ask me the difference between methods and which one is better. There really is no right or wrong school of thought or practice. Each is based on the same ultimate principal of ch'I (energy), and all lead to the same place of achieving a balanced flow of that energy, they just all take a slightly different route to get there. Part of the answer can be as simple as following your intuition. It is important that you feel comfortable and connected with your consultant so sometimes you may want to talk with a few people if you are guided to do so. Feng Shui consultations always happen just when the time is "right" for each person so take comfort in knowing the "right" consultant will show up at just that "right" time to assist you.